About Me

Kiyomi LaFleur is registered 500-hour yoga instructor and a trained Comprehensive Level One Yoga Therapist and is currently providing yoga therapy services to clients in her private practice, as well as a holistic center in Philadelphia. Working hand-in-hand with a psychotherapist at the center, Kiyomi assesses each of her client’s physical, psychological, and nutritional needs, channeling this information into a comprehensive and individualized yoga therapy plan for each student. 

Both in her private practice and in conjunction with the the holistic center, Kiyomi provides high-caliber health and wellness services to clients from a wide range of health and fitness backgrounds, devoting her holistic yoga therapy services to patients suffering from various mental, physical and spiritual health concerns. Kiyomi works with students of all ages, tailoring specific poses, meditation and breathing techniques to suit the needs of each client.

In her spare time, Kiyomi volunteers as a group facilitator at Safe Harbor, providing yoga and group activities for children who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Kiyomi also leads yoga nidra classes near Philadelphia, guiding senior citizens towards personal fulfillment through yoga asanas and a deep form of guided meditation. She is a frequent contributor to Conscious Transitions, an online forum devoted to women who suffer from relationship anxiety.


Since childhood, Kiyomi's natural compassion and empathy have inspired her to seek a greater understanding of life, suffering, and the human condition. From a young age, she has felt in touch with a force much greater than herself, recognizing that the uncomplicated beauty of life is all-too-often muddled by the workings of the human mind.

As a result of this, Kiyomi felt a pull to understand and alleviate the suffering of each individual, seeking solutions through the study of psychology and spiritual practices alike. She has practiced yoga since the age of 12, a practice which was later informed by her research into the spiritual and philosophical teachings of Buddhist psychology.

Noticing the healing power of yoga over her own anxieties, Kiyomi grew increasingly fascinated with the philosophy, psychology, and teachings behind the practice. She quickly realized that such spiritual teachings, combined with understanding the mind and body, careful breath work and mindfulness, were thoroughly connected to the alleviation of suffering and human anxiety.

In the hope of spreading this sense of mindfulness and inner peace to others, Kiyomi received her yoga teaching certification from Yoga Life in 2011. In 2014, she embarked on coursework to receive yoga therapy training under the tutelage of Robert Butera, author of Pure Heart of Yoga, Meditation for your Life and founder of Yoga Living magazine.

Throughout this time, Kiyomi studied Social Work at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she taught yoga courses to fellow students and founded the school’s student yoga club, Yoga MediTemple. 

Kiyomi has served as a holistic yoga therapist in multiple venues throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area, delivering premier services to Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, where she worked with individuals and groups to help manage stress through yoga and meditation while also studying clinical psychology. She has led seminars and workshops on Meditation in corporate settings, yoga and yoga nidra.