Anxious? Use a Tree To Feel Better.

Feeling off centered is a natural and physiological response of fear and anxiety. Our inherit reaction is to run, our fight or flight stress hormones are released and we can't properly think. We may feel groundless, lightheaded and forget our connection to the ground - our support center. 

When anxiety and fear hits... energy and attention rise upwards into our minds. Obsessive thoughts circle throughout, adrenaline is pumped through our whole body and we look for an immediate way to escape. If there is no way of escaping, then we start anxiously planning and obsessing - trying to control the situation through an obsessive thinking, analyzing and planning.

In yoga, the tree symbolizes our connection to earth. We focus our attention on one foot grounded in the earth as a symbol for the roots of a tree. Just like a tree, we are able to connect with our earth center as we find balance and serenity within ourselves. 


Ground Yourself

It is important during these times to connect back with the feet. For some, this may mean taking a walk or exercising. 

luckily, we can use a wonderful resource right outside.

Throughout these times it may be helpful to sit under a tree and feel the support of the tree grounding you, supporting you back into the earth, into the present moment.

  1. Sit by a tree or preferably on top of the roots of a tree. (make sure you are touching the tree)
  2. Look around the tree and recognize the roots connected to the earth, present, in this moment.
  3. Close your eyes (if you feel comfortable) and feel the support of the tree on your back and sit bones.
  4. Take a couple deep breaths to center yourself in this moment. Reconnecting with the breath of life.
  5. Let yourself be held and supported by this grand tree of life. This tree is here for you, holding you through the fear and anxiety.

It's important to remember that trees hold immense power of life and energy. Trees, like other forms of nature are also alive. This may help you feel that you are not alone and that a tree isn't just a lifeless object :)