Forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself, my dear, for needing to feel perfect in such an imperfect world.

Forgive yourself for those harsh words you have told yourself, adopted by the tongues of the insecure and wounded.

Forgive yourself for not realizing your sadness, loneliness, anger, and vulnerability. What else do you expect of your self? Other than being a raw and organic human being living in this human filled world.

Forgive yourself for trying to live up to expectations derived from a society focused so much on a destructive cycle of power and suffering.

Forgive yourself for needing recognition when the only recognition you need in the end is the recognition of yourself.

Forgive yourself for trying to fit into a molded box of what society accepts, only to harshly push down your own feelings, passions, and dreams.

Don't you know? Your imperfections make you so human and so beautiful.

Forgive yourself, dear. Forgive yourself.